About Us

Who Are We?

“Too CGP” is a dynamically developing company, created by a small team of proactive, qualified specialists. From the very beginning of development, we have made the maximum possible satisfaction of the needs of our customers a priority of our activity.

The permanent clients of “Too CGP” are large private and state-owned companies, as well as over 1000 medium and small companies.

The main specialization of the company is sales and orders for specials. Clothes, special Equipment, special Tools and also for building materials in large and especially large sizes, from Turkey, Russia and Europe. Quality and fast delivery are our main advantages.


Created information, products and values these things mean a great contribution to partners, customers and people.

Our Office


Our goal is to be a reliable, innovative and sustainable company that is a leader in the field of activity.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Address: Atyrau, st. S. Datova, 103
Phone: 8 712 230 0025

General issues

Email: info1@cgp.kz
Email: info2@cgp.kz

Corporate References

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