Overalls cotton 100% winter FR (fireproof)

Overalls cotton 100% winter FR (fireproof)

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Overalls cotton 100% winter FR (fireproof) – Winter fireproof overalls provide comfort at work, has high technological properties. Modern, high-tech cotton material repels dust, dirt and moisture, is easy to clean and has anti-static properties.
For the safety of workers, the overalls are fitted with reflective elements. Recommended for work mainly in the oil and gas industry, hot shops, as well as when cutting metal. Model with a collar, with a central supate fastener with a fire-resistant zipper and Velcro. Sleeves on the cuff, with ventilation holes in the armhole area.
Many convenient pockets on the overalls: volumetric patch, closed with a flap on a textile fastener, there is a double pocket for tools.

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