Port West Gloves Red

Port West Gloves Red

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Port West gloves red – quality gloves for welding, or gaiters, are designed to protect the welder from molten metal splashes, sparks, low ambient temperatures and from the mechanical effects of metal – burrs, sharp edges and dirt. Leggings are divided both according to the material from which they are made (tarpaulin leggings, split leggings), and by the number of fingers free for work. There are one-toed leggings (mittens), three-toed and one-toed leggings. One-toed leggings are the most inexpensive option for welding gloves. It is suitable for welding with an electrode only. Working with a semi-automatic welding machine or with argon-arc welding in such gaiters is impossible, since there is a need for various manipulations with the torch. Five-fingered leggings are more expensive, but give the worker more freedom of action and, accordingly, are suitable for all types of welding work. Three-fingered leggings are a cross between one-toed and five-fingered leggings, both in terms of price and in terms of ease of use.

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