Signal Detection tape “Attention water supply” 150 rm

Signal Detection tape “Attention water supply” 150 rm

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Signal detection tape “Attention water supply” 150 lm – This tape is designed for the purpose of effective identification of underground communications without breaking the ground. This is convenient for tracing plastic pipelines that cannot be detected by standard equipment. But thanks to the detection signal tape, the work will be carried out with high precision. A signal tape is used for manufacturing. The strip surface corresponds to the type of communications. A copper conductor is rolled to the strip. Rolling in 1-3 conductors can be carried out to the width of the material. They are fixed by twisting and liscotch-lock, not worn on the strip and insulated with PVC material. Use a snare tape in the same way as regular tape. Laying is carried out in a trench over the communications network, covered with soil. Network detection is carried out by special tracing equipment.

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