Signal tape “Sewerage” LSK-200 white-black

Signal tape “Sewerage” LSK-200 white-black

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Signal tape “Sewerage” LSK-200 white-black – Signal tape LSK detection with a warning inscription “Attention! Sewerage “. Made of polymer, which is the optimal indicator for durability in soil. White stripe, signal text in black. One copper conductor is rolled onto the inner side of the tape to provide additional detection function. Due to the presence of a detector conductor along the entire length of the strip, it is possible to efficiently trace the sewer pipeline. The need for excavation is eliminated, the information received is accurate and error-free. The use of products is recommended, in particular, when laying a polymer pipeline. In this case, the tape performs signaling and warning functions (excludes accidental damage to networks, simplifies their search in an emergency), as well as detection – it is impossible to determine the features of the passage of a plastic route in the ground in another way.

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