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Special Shoes

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Special footwear – designed to protect feet from adverse external influences that can cause industrial injuries. As a rule, safety footwear is issued to an employee as personal protective equipment if his work duties are somehow associated with a potential risk of injury to the legs. On the modern market there are special medical, construction footwear, footwear for security personnel and other service services, for employees of food, chemical enterprises, and so on. There is a classification of special footwear according to the form of execution: boots, boots with an elongated shaft, boots with a shortened shaft, ankle boots, boots, low shoes, shoes, shoe covers, galoshes, boots, slippers (sandals). Winter footwear, equipped with a lining of faux fur and has a sole with a high edging, a metal insole and toe cap for protection from punctures and impacts, additional outer protection of the toe and heel, which increases stability and provides protection against ankle dislocation, the lacing system securely fixes the ankle. The tongue is connected by a membrane for additional protection against dirt and moisture.

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